It was back in 1999. I was in my backyard, hanging with my friends under a big white sun umbrella. We were eating fried fish, caught earlier that morning by Andrea Tosi.

That day I decided that it was the time for my Osteria. That was the food I had been thinking about for a long time for my restaurant.

That day the Osteria del Gran Fritto was born.


Gran Fritto di Pesce del Mare Adriatico

Poverazze alle marinara

Excellent Ingredients

Nothing is to be invented in cooking.

No tricks. No secrets.

You just need to have firm  roots,  search for the best raw materials available on the market, know them well and know how to use them.

At Osteria del Gran Fritto we pass over the good by cooking only what is good.


Every single product used in our kitchens is part of our story, of the culture handed over by our ancestors: we identify ourselves with the territory through our products.

We choose them by listening to nature, which inspire us the at the right moments, and we look for them in the Adriatic Sea and in Romagna’s hills.

We are guided by the idea of recovering and putting into a new perspective the flavours of fishermen’s traditions.

Tagliolini al nero di seppia con i calamaretti

Cozze alla marinara

Unique Taste

We want to leave a mark with our dishes, not only for their unforgettable taste and for their fantastic ingredients, but also for the gastronomic culture they transmit. Indeed, they tell the story of our sea, of an expertise, of a unique taste.

We look for a balance between enthusiasm and conservative spirit.

You will never be served dishes resulting from fashions.

To us, this is tradition with a contemporary taste. 

To us, this is the Territory Cuisine.

The Place



Two small rooms, intimate and cozy.
The “light blue” one, where the art and poetry of Titin Mantegazza’s paintings are shown.
The “grey” one, where big black&white photos tell our story, Marcello Bartolini’s story, beginning from the seamen of Cesenatico, till the food born on their fishing boats.


The harbour, designed by Leonardo da Vinci; the ancient fishermen village; the Conserve square (where fish was ice-stored); Marino Moretti’s Cesenatico.


Osteria del Gran Fritto di Cesenatico: Il locale

Osteria del Gran Fritto di Cesenatico-Le-stagioni



Winter Time

Let’s eat with the lights of the harbour longing in your eyes. Or while being enchanted by The Nativity showing off on the ancient boats of the Museo Galleggiante della Marineria (Floating Sailormen Museum). And think how beautiful Cesenatico is, often covered with a light fog, silent and muffled.

Summer Time

You can have a meal outside, under big white sunshades, next to fishing boats which everyday come back from the sea, full with fish immersed in the light.

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