Fried Dishes

Dry and light, our fried fish is served on yellow paper, just like we used to.
It's not easy to get a fried fish well done: you need to know in depth the raw materials and have complete control over temperatures.
As a matter of facts, our fried fish is dipped three times in oil: the first time the frying temperature is reached, the second time cooking is carried out, with the third time you make it crispy! What about lemon? We do not advise it. It would spoil everything!

Calamaretti fritti e carciofi croccanti


Great mixed fried fish of the Adriatic sea
Boneless fried fish for vagabonds
Crispy baby calamari with artichokes or courgettes addition

Boneless fried sardines, aromatic tomatoes and capers
Potatoe and codfish croquettes
Fancy fried cremini (cream), mozzarella,ascolane(olive/meat ball), fried battered vegetables... for those who don’t like fish

French Fries

The real ones!
Grown by Mrs Maria of Bagnarola in Cesenatico, just for us!

Tagliatelle romagnole con totanetti novelli e capperi

Tradizione Marinara

Questi piatti sono le nostre radici. La nostra memoria. Arrivano tutti dall’antica sapienza dei pescatori. Sono preparazioni frutto dei ritmi delle stagioni. Nascono tutti sulle barche che ogni giorno approdano davanti alle banchine del Porto Canale di Cesenatico, disegnato da Leonardo da Vinci. Per noi significa non dimenticare la nostra storia.

First Course

Risotto old fashioned style
Tagliolini with white fish sauce

Stewed and Steamed "in the pan"

“Poverazze” (our clams) cooked “sailor style”
Pan fried sardines with oil and lemon fragrance
Warm octopus salad and parslied potatoes

From our grill

Skewers of grilled squids and prawns
Tasty shrimps with sweet salt from Cervia Saltpan

Menu of the day

We follow the passing of seasons and we only cook what sea and earth give us, always looking for their best form.
And here it is that we glimpse a box of fresh soles or of mantis shrimps. Or maybe of mussels from Cervia or Cesenatico: excellent during summer months, when they reveal their better taste.
All of these are recipes passed over by Marcello Bartolini who, once arrived on his boat after fishing, worked in the kitchen of our beloved B&B Stella Marina!

Cannelli nostrani gratinati

First course

Hand-made tagliatella with squid and peas
Hand-made strozzapreti pasta with gurnard sauce
Home-made spaghetti with clam sauce
Beans and clam soup

Stewed-, Steamed- and Oven-cooked

Calamari, mussels or moletti fish au gratin
Fried Cuttlefish, then panfried with tomato
Marinara Mussels
Steamed mantis shrimps

From our grill

Roasted scallops with pumpkin flowers
Grilled Grooved Razor Shells
Grilled Brisling
Tuna, Turbot or Sea Bass

Tortino alla crema di limone e frutti di bosco

Desserts, from our Lab

We have always thought that desserts served on a table are the right ending of a voyage of a lunch or a dinner .
They fulfill a difficult task: being the last memory of an experience at the table. All our desserts, crêmes, ice creams, carnival sweets, panettone and torrone are home made in our Laboratory.
It's no secret, indeed, that the whol Bartolini family is very greedy for sweets.

Sorbets, Granita and Ice-Creams

Orange skin ice-cream with caramel
Bronte pistachio ice-cream
Fruit of the season sorbet

Cream cakes

Chocolate trilogy
Terrine of soft cream with poured fresh zabaglione
Iced meringue with english cream


Creme Brulèe
Wafer with vanilla ice-cream and wild berries
Light cassata with citrus sauce

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